Friday, February 4, 2011


I had couple of days off in a row this week and was able to get some quality time logged in my studio.

Here's what I made!

First is a necklace specially made for my friend Parisa who just moved to LA. I'm pretty sure I'll never see her again since people tend to get sucked into the vortex of LaLa Land and never come out. Once you change your cell number to 323, its official, you're never EVER leaving. EVER. Not even to visit your old chums in San Diego.

So to ensure Parisa keeps me on her mind I made her a necklace from a conversation we had at tea one day.  We decided that pho would be a good t-shirt logo, as in:

"hoes pho sho"
"friends pho eva"
"what the pho?!?!?!"

Here's the final product, hope you like it pho sho P!

I was sitting at my workbench today trying to figure out what to make next. I have an old typeset tray filled with little trinkets and various stones and when I don't have a plan I like to take stuff out and just touch things until I find some inspiration. One of the items I had been hanging onto is a druzy bezeled in bright gold. It looked super cheesy, the gold was bright yellow and it had a cheap bail on the back. I peeled off the gold which ended up breaking some of it apart, but a large chunk was still salvageable. I started off by loosly tracing around the remaining piece of druzy on some silver sheet and cutting it out. After that I loosly traced the silver piece on some copper sheet and cut that out too. After a soldering, soldering and more soldering and a little more sawing, I finished it off with some chasing tools and patina. Here's what I made, my Supernova Ring:

I read a story recently about a ten year old amateur astronomer who, along with her dad and a friend, discovered a supernova. She compared the activity in her telescope to photographs of supernovas and her discovery was confirmed by two other amateur astronomers and then by professionals. The supernova is named Gray's Supernova after the ten year old Canadian star gazer, Katherine Aurora Gray.

I'll have this beauty on Etsy soon, I'll let you know when!

-Miss November

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